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The following brochures are full of information which may be helpful to you if you are thinking about buying or selling a home in the near future. I will be happy to send you these brochures FREE of charge, without any obligations.

For Buyers - Home Buyer Tips
1. Pre-Buying Research
2. New Home Worksheet
3. Homebuyer Checklist
4. Consider Hiring a Buyer Agent
5. Beware of Buyer Traps
6. Homebuyer - Avoid Hidden Costs
7. What you need to know about Discloures and Inspection
8. What you need to know about Property Taxes
9. How to Cut Closing Costs
10. Getting a Good Lender

For Sellers - Home Seller Tips
1. Right Time To Sell
2. Catch-22
3. Selling Agents' Advantages
4. Selling Agent's Responsibilities
5. Home Inspection
6. What To Repair
7. Preparing Your Property
8. Finding Market Value
9. Price It right
10. Know the Value of Deposit
11. Contingencies
12. Negotiation - Seller

Monthly Homeowner Tips
1. Environmental Awareness
2. Lead Poisoning
3. Pest Proofing
4. Electrical Safety
5. Energy Savers
6. General Fix It
7. Painting Your Home
8. Interior Decorating
9. Allergy Prevention tip
10. Carbon Monoxide Awareness
11. Preventing Mold
12. Security

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